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Firmer, Sculpted, Limber, Leaner, Stronger....No Gym Required!

Over 300 One Minute Moves to Help You Get Stronger, Slimmer and Say Goodbye to Unwanted Jiggle.....

home ab workouts for women

Flatter and Firmer

60  ab workouts to help firm up your belly and reclaim your waist.

home arm workouts for women

Sculpted and Sleeker

Over 80 arm workouts to help sculpt shoulders and build sleeker arms.

leg workouts for women

Leaner and Stronger

Over 60 leg workouts to help you slim down, tone up and beat jiggle.

stretching exercises for women

Limber and Stronger

105 stretching exercises to help stop annoying aches, and increase your flexibility.

The One-Minute Moves Book Series

Home Ab Workouts for Women

If you think that getting a flatter stomach involves doing endless crunches and back breaking sit-ups, then think again! "Home Ab Workouts for Women" contains a selection of basic but effective ab moves, each taking a minute or less do. These exercises are designed to fit into short daily routines, can be done in your own home and easily incorporated into even the most hectic days. Read more ›

home ab workouts for women book

Home Arm Workouts for Women

Let’s face it, going to a gym can be a bit laborious. It can be costly and if you’re a busy mother, finding the time to get to one can be difficult. However with a few simple props and hand weights, you can achieve a more toned and limber torso in the comfort of your own home.
Home Arm Workouts for Women’ is a clear and concise resource for women who want to get back into shape, but are short on time, money and kit. Read more ›

home arm workouts for women book

Home Leg Workouts for Women

If you’re a busy lady, have zero interest in lengthy workouts nor the cash to spend on a pricey gym membership, but still want to incorporate regular exercise into your life, then no problem! ‘Home Leg Workouts for Women’ is a clear and concise resource for women who want a simple way to tone up hips, thighs, glutes and legs – minus the hours in the gym, and the bulky expensive equipment. Read more ›

home leg workouts for women book

105 Stretching Exercises for Women

If you consider yourself ‘flexibly challenged’, you realise how stiffness can make even the most innocuous activities seem like hard work. And if you’re an exerciser, you’re aware that tight muscles can ruin workouts, plus strains, cramps and aches can be a royal pain in the ‘you know where’ (and a few other places too).  105 Stretching Exercises for Women is an easy to follow guide for those who want to expand their agility beyond what they can currently do — and stay agile! Read more ›

stretching exercises for women book
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